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How to Care for Your Official Soccer Jersey

Posted by James Guyton on

One thing that is certain for the most devoted soccer fans is that even cheap soccer jerseys are very precious and must be kept in pristine condition. If your desire is to keep an official soccer jersey immaculate, you have to be willing to put in the effort to keep it that way.

The first, and best way, to care for an official soccer jersey is to keep it out of harm’s way. Avoid messy foods while wearing a jersey, and avoid playing contact sports and rainwater. Make sure the jersey is removed from a body from the bottom up; don’t remove it one arm sleeve at a time. Following this tip will ensure that a soccer jersey doesn’t rip at the armpit seams. The seams tend to be especially weak on cheap soccer uniforms.

If the jersey is somehow stained despite your best efforts, avoid throwing it in the wash immediately. Use warm water to continually wash the jersey, and use a neutral detergent until the stain is removed. This tip works especially well for an adidas soccer jersey!

Once the stain is removed, let the jersey hang up in a bathroom or laundry room to dry. A jersey should never be put in the drier, says Soccer Garage. Doing so will possibly shrink the jersey, cause any stain that might have been missed to become permanent, and cause the decals to peel.

Following these tips and practicing good judgment will most definitely keep your official soccer jersey in peak condition.…