If there is a way to invest in the performance on your favorite sports team, Crystal world holdings and the new sports economy institute are finding the perfect way. By combining “finance and sport”, these two  are capable to giving public a place to invest in the performance of their favorite sport teams and provide you the world’s First sport market.

Sport and money, if combined together generally people will think about sport betting. While these thinking is not wrong at all, there are another perspective in these two things. People who loves sport are generally gambling their money on sports to do for a quick fix.

However, there are another perspective in combination of Sport and Money called “Sport Stock Market”. This “sport stock market” will allow you to aim for a longer term return, it provides similar such as “quick fix” when your team are winning. These kind of combination are capable to provide help in social problem caused by gambling.

Sport Stock Market may also used as an educational tool, this way you will be able to have fun while learning finance. These way, you will be able to learn more about finance and will be able to fight the financial illiteracy and be prepare for the challenges life presents us financially.

In Sport Stock Market, the financial instrument are created unlimitedly. One of those instrument are “Sport Risk Index”, an S&P 500 for sport teams. This instrument “Sport Risk Index” received an approved patent in China and also having patents pending in 154 other nations around the world.

Many company try to acomplish by spending more than $100 million in investment funds trying to found the best way to combine finance with sports. However, only Crystal World Holdings that are able to make one formula that works.


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