Starting the year with fitness or muscle gain in mind? Then you need the right planning to achieve that goal. These habit-building guidelines will help you get started on your mass-building journey.

There are people out there boasting their workouts online, which makes sense only if you already have a nice body. The best programs have similar concepts – and science-based programs don’t change regardless of your trainer.

Now let’s review the habits you need to form to actually see a difference in your body – the good, healthy type of muscle mass gain. Ingrain these firmly, because you can use these as the foundation of every muscle-building program you do.

Keep a caloric surplus with high-protein diet. When losing weight, you need to start by eating fewer calories than you burn. In the same way, to gain weight you need to reverse this equation. There are no shortcuts, alternate solutions or funny gimmicks that’ll get you to your goal if you violate this first point.

Working out boosts caloric expenditure, so you must bump up your daily intake. You can take advantage of whey protein isolate supplement to counter what you’re burning and to ensure that you’re close to the mark. You can also use an application to track your performance. You may download it on your smartphone quickly for free. Simply type fitness calculator and you’re good.

Use multi-joint movements when building your routine. All the best routines are composed of multijoint movement. These types of exercise have movements wherein more than a single set of joints are used, bench pressing, for instance, does this. Using more than one set of joints will allow you to lift significantly more weight. Higher levels of both the growth hormone and testosterone have been measured following a multijoint exercise compared to movements that only necessitates a smaller amount of body mass.

Build your workouts around exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rows, overhead presses, etc.

Understand the most vital training variable for muscle growth. Understanding and utilizing multijoint workout is a good start, but in order to optimize hypertrophy, you need to consider these variables:

  • This relates to the weight you’re lifting compared to the usual single-rep max for that movement. For gaining maximum muscle, choose a weight at which you can do 6-12 reps with good form, reaching muscle failure within that target range.
  • Higher-volume, multiple-set exercises have been shown to be superior over single sets for muscle building, as they can elevate testosterone levels.
  • Train to failure. This means completing reps to a point where you can’t complete anymore without a good form. This creates a greater anabolic stimulus.
  • Rest periods. Moderate rest intervals, which is about 60-90 seconds between sets can maximize hypertrophic response.

Train your target muscle at different angles. High-volume reps can stimulate greater muscle growth, but it’s important to add exercises that can work the muscle differently than moves you’re already doing. For instance, if you’re doing a bench press on a flat bench, followed by include or decline presses on a flat bench, you’re working the pecs from different angles.

Proper supplementation. Of course, the right supplementation will also provide an edge to your muscle mass goal. The advantage of whey protein isolate, for instance, is that it’s the purest form of whey protein powder, as it contains 90 percent or more protein.

Whey protein isolate powder has little to no fat, lactose or cholesterol so it can be taken as part of a healthy diet. Taking natural whey protein isolate powder and doing resistance exercise is proven to help improve muscle growth and allows you to gain lean tissue mass.

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