Dražen Petrović, from the tiny seaside city of Šibenik along the Croatian coast, managed to climb from a junior basketball star on the Balkan Peninsula to European, then international fame. Last week they had a chance to spend a while with the Alexander Galt Sport Concentration Program who additionally makes use of gymnasium house at BU. BU Men’s Assistant Coach Steve Dunn heads the basketball part of Galt’s Sports Concentration and it is great to see 30 to 50 highschool children within the BU gyms through the day getting better taking part in OUR recreation!

Basketball, I do not like it, even in my contry philippines love baskeball than soccer because of the American influence, I see basketball is just a game and never represent a tradition…Football is associated with many international organizations similar to United Nations, European Union and in addition Most of the Multinational Companies investing in sooccer, basketball is very Americam.

I concede that it’s wholesome for a body to walk the fairways and swing a golf membership for four hours or so (as compared to sitting in front of the boob-tube whereas stuffing the face with potato chips and beer), but let’s face it, 4 leisurely hours of golf is nothing compared to thirty heart-pounding, muscle-straining minutes of basketball.

Bob Knight was a reserve on Ohio State’s 1960 squad that defeated Newell’s Golden Bears for the championship, and Newell retired from coaching after one last project, teaching what is considered the finest beginner basketball crew, the United States workforce of Cincinnati’s Oscar Robertson, West Virginia’s Jerry West, and Ohio State’s Jerry Lucas, whom Newell mentioned was the finest player he ever coached, to the gold medal within the 1960 Rome Olympics.

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