Join PR Newswire for Journalists to entry the entire free companies designated to make your job simpler. Features a max power rescue drag deal with for field operations, Adjustable Shoulder & Waist Supports For Even Load Distribution and maximum consolation, Adjustable Padded Shoulders For Height And Comfortable match, and of course the MOLLE System which lets you place pouches exactly where you want and wish it on the vest Fully customizable to your actual wants – 100s of different combos to fit everyones wants.

It can also be worn by members of the US Secret Service Presidential Protection element, private contractors serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as many troopers and journalists as can afford it. Last week struggle correspondent Michael Yon, who prefers Dragon Skin to the Interceptor gear he’s wearing now, declined to buy it when he realized of its virtually $7,000 price ticket” delivered to him in Iraq.

Within the previous two years all three of the key physique armor manufacturers have been sued for making defective physique armor and one company – Second Chance Corporation – that was making tens of millions in government contracts making physique armor for American warriors two years in the past – has been driven out of business for fraud.

In early findings launched 10 months in the past, the Pentagon’s inspector basic found that, contrary to the loud, emphatic, smug and endlessly repeated tales told by Pentagon officials about how Interceptor had been totally tested before being given to U.S. combat troops, in truth, quite the alternative was true: billions of dollars of physique armor had been issued to U.S. troops without any testing in anyway.

There are two separate yet insidiously linked circumstances that hold the perfect” physique armor away from the warriors who can be better ready to survive fight if that they had it. One reason is purely political and the other is technical, however both are impacted by the processes and procedures embedded in Pentagon considering that retains America’s best from receiving America’s finest body armor.

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